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How can you enjoy your holidays knowing you have your furry friends behind? The Holiday Suites Arnis Street welcomes all. Thanks to our "Happy Pet Project" services and our love of animals, your pet, be it a kitten or doggie, will also enjoy their stay.

We offer:

  • During your check-in we offer the pet a bowl of water.
  • In addition, we offer a welcome box (a toy, a delicacy and litter bags)
  • We offer a detailed guide book with everything the owner needs to know during his stay at Holiday Suites, which includes: 1. Emergency telephone numbers (vet and overnight clinic) - 2. Care Service - 3. Transfer Service - 4. Suggestions for walks. (Please contact reception for reservations or with our associates directly).
  • There is a complete first aid kit, put together by a veterinarian, at the disposal of anyone who needs it at the reception desk at all times. The rooms have special cushions, a bowl and water.
  • If the pet is a kitten, we offer a sand box and sand. Upon leaving our hotel, we present you with an official stay diploma.

All proceeds from pet accommodation are given to the animal welfare organisation Stray (http://stray.gr/- Animal Care and Protection Society for Stray Animals).

Certified dog guides, the every-day guardian angels of people with vision impairments are always welcome and without any charge.

The enjoyment of you and your pet while staying at Holiday Suites is the is the best reward for our efforts. If there is anything we can do to further improve our services, it will be our pleasure to hear you!

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