The Holiday Suites Arnis Street welcomes you on Arnis Street, just off Michalakopoulou street, just a few metres down from our “sister” hotel, the Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre Hotel, and the Megaron Music Hall metro station. Despite its humble size, this narrow Athenian street carries some rich history and symbolisms.

This is where Ilissos River passed through in antiquity, before its bed was covered in the late 1930s. It is the place where the famous dialogue called “Phedrus”, described by ancient Greek philosopher Plato, took place. It involved the father of western philosophy, Socrates himself, and his student Phaedrus strolling through the area and talking about love and rhetoric. Arnis Street was also where Kyveli (1888-1978), a renowned Greek actress and wife of three-times Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou (1888-1968), resided.

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